The End Is Here


It is with a tinge of sadness that we announce the dissolution of the Moutons No More brand name.

Three years ago, we came together with the idea of producing regular content in Montreal on the theme of rationality. We hosted a number of stage shows and created many multimedia productions tackling pseudoscience, religion, and critical thinking. However, the upkeep on this work has been more demanding on some of us than anticipated. As such, it no longer makes sense to crowd out the local skeptical landscape with one more name with little value attached to it.

Television show producers are often accused of milking a profitable franchise well past its expiration date; we want to finish what we started while we are still proud of our recent accomplishments.

While Moutons No More as an entity is going away, we will continue to contribute to each other’s work as needed and to help each other out.

You can watch Guy Renaud’s videos on the intersection of Black culture and religion on his YouTube channel,

Le podcast francophone d’Isabelle Stephen et de Christopher Hammock, Le monde merveilleux du scepticisme, continue d’être disponible à l’adresse

And The Body of Evidence will carry on looking at the science-based medical landscape and debunking health-related pseudoscience at

We want to thank everyone who has supported us over the years and hope you continue to appreciate our contributions, big and small, on the Internet and in person.


Jonathan, Isabelle and Guy.

The Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan

Lately a few fb posts on my “newsfeed” made mentions of certain black leaders and preachers. A lot of these guys are just into a lot of funny business; whether its a financial affair or just an affair. There are so many of these so-called black leaders now and you have to ask yourself; are any of them good? Do any of them actually offer anything of actual value in what they’re saying? My observation For many of them; greed, lust ego and arrogance always find a way into their path. But that doesn’t seem to stop people from following them nonetheless!

There is one black leader that I find particularly interesting right now, he is the leader of the Nation of Islam his name is Louis Farrakhan. I started looking up Farrakhan because of a couple things that happened in the last few months.

What is the nation of Islam? Is it an offshoot to Islam? Like a TV show gets a spin-off? Like from the Cosby show, we got A Different World! Well the nation of Islam is A Different World… literally!

So I went on Google to look for more information about the Nation os Islam

* They believe that their founder, Wallace Fard Muhammad was God on earth. I would love to hear what a traditional Muslim thinks about God/Allah being on earth in human form and in Detroit in the 1930s.

* About Wallace Fard Muhammad:
* He came to detroit in 1930, is actual name was Wallace Dodd Ford
* He was a door to door salesman, preaching his new religion to black folks, his interpretation of Islam.
* He taught everything he knew to Elijah Muhammad while in Detroit
* FBI report tells us that he disappeared in 1934.
* Did I mention Mr Dodd was white? (all this is very weird!)

* They believe that Muhammad was the son of God rather than a prophet… I don’t know about you but if you tell a traditional Muslim that their beloved prophet Muhammad was not who they think he is, they might take issue with that. I mean some people died for picturing him wrong, yet you guys give him a whole new bio…

* They follow the teachings of Elijah Muhammad. Here are some of the hilights:
* The Moon was once a part of the Earth, and that the Earth is over 76 trillion years old
* Long before Adam, the entire land mass on Earth was called “Asia”. Black People in America are descendants of the Asian black nation and of the tribe of Shabazz. Originally, they were the tribe who came with the earth 66 trillion years ago when a great explosion on our planet divided it into two parts. One we call earth and the other moon. This was done by God/Yakub, who wanted the people to speak one language, one dialect for all, but was unable to bring this about.“
* Black experience of slavery was Bible prophecy. The NOI theology asserts that black people’s experience of slavery was the fulfillment of Bible prophecy and therefore, black people are the seed of Abraham referred to in the Bible, in Genesis 15:13–14

In my opinion, when I look at the NOI and its history, I find that it really gained traction within the American black community during the civil rights movement, and it filled a void for some black folks who were not satisfied with Christianity. Some black folks converted from Christianity to the nation of Islam. But to me, changing from Christianity to the nation of  Islam is like changing a dollar for 4 quarters. Knowing how oppressed blacks were back then, I can understand that for some people hearing that your race is the master race after all is very appealing!

The NOI evolved into the group that speaks out on behalf of black folks. Louis Farrakhan is seen everywhere giving his opinion on black issues.
The way I look at it all they have is seniority. A lot of times I’m left wondering if all the people showing support to the noi, are they doing it because they believe In  the teachings of the noi or because they want to support whoever speaks out for black folks at all cost? Some black folks support the noi just because they speak out for blacks. Right or wrong, they will support the noi just because they take on black issues.

I mean, I didn’t even mention the UFO thing or their new connection with scientology and dianetics. I know a few people will say oh you’re focusing on the negative… well yeah! Although i understand why the noi had some appeal in the past, I don’t see how in 2016, that it is reasonable to follow a group like the noi? As time go by, so will their relevance to black people and their issues. Which is probably why they are more inclusive today. For those looking for a more reasonable and rational spoke person or group, I hope this information gets to you and helps you think more reasonably and rationally about the suits and bow ties club!

To read more posts by Guy, check out his Tumblr.

Guy Renaud on the Haitian Free Thinkers Show

Guy from FYSTT 3

Our very own Guy Renaud was the guest of honour on an Haitian freethinkers’ live show, hosted on BlogTalkRadio. You can listen to him talk about growing up as a believer and how he became an atheist. Most of the conversation is in English, but props to you if you understand the English, the French, and the Haitian Creole!

Important Announcement

Moutons No More is back on stage for a third season of shows!

Moutons No More is back on stage for a third season of shows!

Moutons No More is changing its game in 2016 and we’re excited to bring you the following changes.

But first, the sad news: our stage show, Funny You Should Think That!, is going on hiatus indefinitely for personal reasons. Our multimedia productions, however, are not affected in the least. The podcasts and videos we put out will continue to regale you this year.

While FYSTT is going away for the moment, we are not ready to step off the stage, especially since we found an amazing new location that we will surely come to call “home”. The Katacombes, on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, two steps away from the Saint-Laurent metro station on the green line, is welcoming our troop of freethinkers with a gorgeous stage, enough room for 125 people, and a column made of skulls (they’re not real).

Two new shows will be rising from the ashes of FYSTT. Here’s what they are, why you should be thrilled, and what to do to be kept in the loop:


You listen to the podcast; you watch the videos; you read the blog. Now you can come and see us on stage! Dr. Christopher Labos, cardiologist, and I will be co-hosting a stage show version of the podcast three times a year at Katacombes. The comedy quiz show I hosted for FYSTT will return, with stand-up comedians and permanent panelist Chris Labos trying to answer my questions on health, medicine, and science. Plus short talks, Q&As, interviews, and bickering. Always.

To come to the show, 2 ways:

  • Find us on Facebook by searching for “The Body of Evidence” (if you see our faces, you haven’t landed on the Madonna movie fan page) and “like” the page. Stage shows will be created as Facebook events through this page.
  • Go to our website at and enter your email address under “Subscribe”.


Le podcast sceptique animé par Isabelle Stephen et Christopher Hammock fera un retour sur scène en début d’été aux Katacombes avec sa combinaison usuelle de contenu fantastique, d’invités hors-pairs et d’enthousiasme démesuré! Le seul spectacle sceptique francophone au Québec s’attaquera au paranormal, à la religion et à la pseudoscience et continuera de démontrer que le scepticisme n’est pas frustrant mais bien merveilleux!

Pour assister aux spectacles, 2 façons de procéder:

  • Cherchez “Le monde merveilleux du scepticisme” sur Facebook et cliquez “J’aime”! Les spectacles seront annoncés sur cette page.
  • Visitez le site Web du podcast à et écoutez l’émission pour être informé des spectacles à venir!


A final word on the past two years: we extend our warmest thanks to all the people who have come to our shows. We have had a blast putting together 15 shows and seeing our audience grow, especially the friends and relatives who were invited even though they were not skeptics. We firmly believe skepticism should not be solely addressed behind closed doors but should be made accessible to all, and we will continue to apply this mantra with our newest stage shows by combining discussions, humour, education, and good, old-fashioned fun.

Our Meetup page will disappear in April, since we are no longer receiving money to keep it going. We don’t want to lose you, so please find Moutons No More on Facebook or subscribe to our website at to see the content that we generate.

We hope to see you at the first Body of Evidence show in a couple of months and the Monde merveilleux du scepticisme show at the beginning of the summer. Thank you for supporting us and enjoying our productions. With your collaboration, we will continue to spread the word about critical thinking in the Montreal community and beyond… in both English et en français!


Jonathan Jarry

Photos from Funny You Should Think That! 15

The show that almost didn’t happen got more photographers than ever, so we present you the best of the best from that night’s pictures, courtesy of Angie Radczenko, Vincent Fréchette, and Noxi Black!

If you want to help us keep the show going, help us find a new venue!

We Need Your Help!


Given our latest series of mishaps at our current location, we have decided to call upon you to help us find a new venue for Funny You Should Think That!

As you know if you’ve been to the show, we cannot do this in any venue, since we often require many microphones, enough room for 5 people, some type of projection or display behind us, etc.

The show will be going on hiatus until we find a new location, but if you love the show and want to see it continue, we urge you to send us suggestions of appropriate bars, pubs, and cabarets.

Here is what we need:

1) A venue that is accessible. A past poll reveals that the majority want a location that is in or near downtown. It has to be close to a metro station as much as possible. Decent parking is also fairly important.

2) A closed room. While we would love to grab the attention of patrons during the show, our past two experiences in open areas have proven that people who didn’t come for the show can behave like assholes and drown us out. We thus need a closed-off section that can welcome at least 50 people.

3) A large stage. Some pubs have a tiny stage made for one comedian. Since we often have panel discussions and debates (and sometimes dance numbers), we need to be able to fit 5 people side by side comfortably.

4) A weekend time slot. Since one of us works nights during the week, we can only do the show on weekends. This means a Saturday or Sunday night slot, although we could always do a late afternoon show as well, and move to another place for discussion afterwards.

5) Alcohol and food. While these are not essential, we feel that a pub-type atmosphere is more conducive to the casual nature of the show.

6) A display on stage. We often use slides or show videos and thus need either a large-screen TV near the stage or a screen with a projector.

7) A free ride. Finally, given the importance of paying our talent and how little money we collect at every show, we cannot afford to pay a 200$ rental fee on the room. We have been lucky in the past to get the room for free. We could even pay a small fee if necessary, but we cannot rent a room at full price and essentially pay the salary of the wait staff and the kitchen staff while we’re there.

Funny You Should Think That! is a labour of love and a much-needed show in this city. There is so much irrationality that needs to be addressed, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

If you know of a venue that fits these criteria, get in touch with us. If you want to start investigating, we would be eternally grateful.

FYSTT is on hold for now but we will keep you informed.

Featured Image -- 32

Funny You Should Think That! 15 (November 28)

FYSST 15 Poster v1 300

A show of comedy, reason, and alcohol. FUNNY YOU SHOULD THINK THAT! is a monthly event (intelligently) designed to make you laugh and think. Moutons No More takes to the stage with amazing guests to get you to think more critically. It’s like the Rolls Royce of Skeptics in the Pub and just what Montreal needs. Come for the show; stay for the conversation.

This month, Isabelle brings you a show about attraction and happiness. If you wish really hard for something, will the universe give it to you? Are we made up of pure energy and will positive energy attract more of the same? Isabelle will speak with Peter Hartman, the organizer behind The Law of Attraction Montreal, on the topic of happiness. Peter and Isabelle will then be joined by a panel of skeptics to go over the claims made by the Law of Attraction: physics Ph.D. student Pierre-François Duc; Moutons No More producer and scientist Jonathan Jarry; and skeptic and jack-of-all-trades Chris Perrault.

Bookending our amazing show will be a Bollywood dance number by Isabelle and stand-up comedy by Peter Hartman and Matt Shury! Dancing, comedy, and rationality, all in one unique package.

It’s all happening on Saturday, November 28 at Pub St-Paul in Old Montreal!

You know the drill:

6:00 – 7:00: Come and order food and drinks, relax, and talk with us!

7:00 – 9:00: Moutons No More entertains you like no others with its show.

9:00 – midnight: Stick around as long as you want and talk! FYSTT is more than a show: it’s also a place to come and talk to other like-minded and on the cusp-of-being-like-minded individuals.

Pay what you can. We always ask for contributions to help us keep this the best skeptical show in town.

To RSVP through Facebook: search for “Funny You Should Think That!” in the search bar and you’ll find the event.

To RSVP through Meetup: go to and scroll down until you find the event.

On Twitter, use #FYSTT.

“Funny You Should Think That!” is best enjoyed surrounded by friends, so spread the word around and make it a group outing!

Photos from Funny You Should Think That! 14 (Angie)

… and here are some amazing shots from our photographer, Angie Radczenko of Ng RAD Photography: