Follow-Up on the Hippocrates Health Institute: Lawsuits

Cracked Science

Listeners of my podcast and followers of Canadian news in general will probably be familiar with the case of two First Nations girls with leukemia whose parents decided to have treated at a Florida massage establishment called The Hippocrates Health Institute. A judge recently declared that the girls could not be taken away from their parents, as the latter were well within their rights to explore traditional medicine, even though what the Institute offers is pure quackery and has nothing to do with First Nations beliefs. (For a further discussion of why Western medicine is not relative, see my article in the Prince Arthur Herald)

Here’s a fun development: the owners of the Hippocrates Health Institute are now facing  lawsuits from former staff members who claim it’s a scam.

From the CBC website:

“Canadians represent a significant part of HHI’s business, with sources telling CBC that more than a…

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Within Reason Episode 204: The Rise of Integrative Medicine

Would you like a side of magic with your chemo? Disproven folk remedies used to be the domain of snake oil salesmen; now, they are being integrated into university health centres. Jonathan speaks to Dr. Christopher Labos, a public science educator and cardiologist, on this worrying trend. Where is the line between feel-goodery and wishful thinking? The recent case of Makayla Sault highlights the harm caused by magic’s new veneer of respectability. Back in the studio, Andrew Cody returns to the podcast, flanked by Anna af Hallstrom, to discuss laundry balls, foot detox, and child abuse. Are our panelists hopeful for the future of science-based medicine?

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Within Reason Episode 202 – Eric Weichel on Postmodern Art

Is a long cardboard chain and anchor really a deep message on immigration? What is the difference between artificial pussy willows and an escalator? Are postmodern artists just having a laugh? Jonathan drags Andrew Cody through last March’s Nuit blanche and wonders if his attitude of derision is rational or not. Enter Eric Weichel, instructor in art history at Concordia University, and one of the liveliest conversations on the podcast ensues. Can we evaluate art rationally? Jonathan and Eric talk gnomes, Cormac McCarthy, and four-year-old geniuses.

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Monthly Update

Hello, fellow rationalists,

I am hoping to send this every month, the week before our awesome live show, to keep you up to date on Moutons No More productions. Moutons No More is a Montreal-based production collective on the theme of rationality. What does that mean?

It means that the four of us create projects—blogs, podcasts, videos, even events—under a common banner to facilitate cross-promotion. Some of us bring science to the public; some of us interview voices of reason on contentious issues; some of us make videos debunking the supernatural or talking about our journey from religiosity to atheism. And we all come together once a month to deliver a kick-ass show in downtown Montreal with guests, quizzes, talks, and comedy!



Funny You Should Think That! (a show of comedy, reason, and alcohol): The fourth edition of our live show is taking place Sunday, September 28, at 17:00 in the third-floor room of Pub Saint-Paul (124, rue Saint-Paul Est), a seven-minute walk from the Champ-de-Mars metro station in Old Montreal!

This month, it’s Andrew’s night as he takes us through common logical fallacies and the people who make them. Want to improve your thinking and get a good laugh? Stick around because there will be prizes to be won.

Plus, we celebrate Blasphemy Rights Day by inviting you—yes, you!—to write a short poem, limerick or song (in English or French) that celebrates blasphemy. Do you have the balls to be blasphemous on stage?

Finally, Matt Barbacki will host a workshop that will complement the theme of the night: how to think better.

Free admission.

There will be pre-show conversations from 17:00 to 18:00, with plenty of food and alcohol at your disposal. Show starts at 18:00 and we’ll go late into the night!

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Le vlog d’Isabelle Stephen

Dans le dernier épisode de son vlog, Isabelle tente de commettre l’apostasie et visite la parade gay!


Cracked Science

Jonathan’s very first public science video will be released later this week. Want to know what DNA does in the body and what those pesky proteins are? Check this space!


Within Reason

With over 3800 listens, Within Reason is already a runaway success despite its young age. On the latest episode, Jonathan sits down with Michael Shermer to talk about beliefs, while Andrew, Matt, and David argue over the possibility of a god… or a quantum oneness… or something.


We hope to see you on September 28th for Funny You Should Think That! Spread the word! An event like this rarely happens in Montreal!

Within Reason Episode 201 – Michael Shermer on Believing

We celebrate our return with Mr. Skepticism himself, Dr. Michael Shermer. What was it in humans’ evolution that led to us having beliefs and what credence can we ascribe to them? We talk mushers, invisible princesses, bicycles, and sacred cows. Back in the studio, Jonathan is joined by a panel of reasonable folks that is confronted by a thought experiment: if religion went away, would it come back? Before you know it, it’s debate time and we go meta. Are the things we perceive in an altered state evidence of a quantum oneness? Do you need to be in an altered state to listen to this podcast? Mr. Horner, could you play some of your music from Avatar, please?

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