Within Reason Episode 208 – Finale

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It’s the season 2 finale. Jonathan sits down with Andrew Cody, Anna af Hallstrom, and Matt Barbacki to talk about rationality, skepticism, and what’s next for Montreal. We discuss the inaugural edition of Café Hitchens; what we know about how the mind works to become better at what you want to accomplish in life; Andrew’s cynicism vis-à-vis the politically correct Left; the value of entertainment in skepticism; and concrete steps skeptics can take to put rationality into action.

The Body of Evidence can be found at http://www.bodyofevidence.ca and on iTunes.

So long, and thanks for all the fish. We may be back. Who knows… who knows….

Within Reason Episode 207 – Joe Nickell on Hauntings

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Ghosts, poltergeists, apparitions… if we believe in them, does that make them true? Jonathan sits down with an expert who does sleight-of-hand before every interview: Dr. Joe Nickell! The Mackenzie House in Toronto, London’s Enfield poltergeist, even The Conjuring: none escape the skeptical investigations of Dr. Nickell. Back in the studio, a ghost hunter writes Jonathan an email which local skeptics take apart in between sighs. We talk unsubstantiated claims, David Carradine, and whether or not genetic mutations might predispose you to liking Johnny Walker Black.

Only one more original episode before the season ends.

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Within Reason Episode 206 – (Bad) Science

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Jonathan Jarry hosts another edition of Within Reason, the podcast that looks at contentious issues from a rational perspective.

This month, is scientific research inefficient or have we grossly oversimplified the situation? We begin with a mad comedic dash through the life of a young scientist to the sound of Italian music and then meet an actual Italian scientist! Dr. Fanelli and Dr. Kimmelman unearth the nuances behind falsification, idealization, animal studies, and reproducibility. As science goes meta, what can we do to be better scientists? If these discussions are too cerebral for you, there’s Christopher Hammock and Kishanda Vyboh to make you laugh. Are they cynical? No…. Sarcastic? Yes! We talk C.S.I., PCR, pedestals, and sharks! By the time you’re done listening to this episode, you will realize that scientists are human beings.

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Within Reason Gets a Mention

I guess the cat is out of the bag, now.

In the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry‘s yearly roundup of resident researcher Joe Nickell’s activities, our very own locally-grown podcast, Within Reason, gets a mention!

“Nickell’s media duties included—in addition to The McGill Tribune, CJAD Radio, and Canadian television previously mentioned—being interviewed by The McGill Reporter and the podcast Within Reason, as well as participating in a symposium round table that included additional participants like astronaut Julie Payette.”

My entertaining and informative discussion with the amazing Joe Nickell will be released in February. We will be discussing… ghosts.

In the meantime, check out past episodes here!

Within Reason Episode 205 – Funny You Should Think That!

It’s a ho-ho-holiday special, bringing you audio from our November 16 stage show, Funny You Should Think That! Stuck with annoying relatives with no idea how to entertain them? Start playing this show and, soon, you’ll be rolling on the floor, clutching your stomachs! (or maybe it’ll be because of the bad cranberry sauce) Jonathan hosts a comedy quiz show on stage with comedian panelists David Pryde, Chris Sandiford, and Darren Henwood and fellow Moutons No More producer and funny guy Andrew Cody. Water beds! Chakra Khan! Muted confirmations! Good Macaulay Culkin references! Russell Crowe as Javert! Poor Scottish upbringings! It’s all there… and more! To come to our next show, visit http://www.MoutonsNoMore.com and click “follow independently”. Happy New Year, listeners!


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