Le vlog d’Isabelle Stephen 2.5: Apostasie et spectacle live Funny You Should Think That!

Qu’est-ce que les gens font d’habitude à un BBQ? Manger, cuisiner, boire. Commettre un acte d’apostasie? Pas très populaire.

Isabelle Stephen complète enfin son formulaire d’apostasie et trouve en Guy et Andrew les deux témoins blasphématoires dont elle a besoin. Est-ce bien une montre sur le poignet de Guy ou a-t-il façonné une horloge de poignet au moyen d’une ceinture?

Isabelle nous amène au quatrième spectacle Funny You Should Think That! durant lequel elle co-anime un segment sur la blasphémie!

Monthly Update

Hello, fellow rationalists,

I am hoping to send this every month, the week before our awesome live show, to keep you up to date on Moutons No More productions. Moutons No More is a Montreal-based production collective on the theme of rationality. What does that mean?

It means that the four of us create projects—blogs, podcasts, videos, even events—under a common banner to facilitate cross-promotion. Some of us bring science to the public; some of us interview voices of reason on contentious issues; some of us make videos debunking the supernatural or talking about our journey from religiosity to atheism. And we all come together once a month to deliver a kick-ass show in downtown Montreal with guests, quizzes, talks, and comedy!



Funny You Should Think That! (a show of comedy, reason, and alcohol): The fourth edition of our live show is taking place Sunday, September 28, at 17:00 in the third-floor room of Pub Saint-Paul (124, rue Saint-Paul Est), a seven-minute walk from the Champ-de-Mars metro station in Old Montreal!

This month, it’s Andrew’s night as he takes us through common logical fallacies and the people who make them. Want to improve your thinking and get a good laugh? Stick around because there will be prizes to be won.

Plus, we celebrate Blasphemy Rights Day by inviting you—yes, you!—to write a short poem, limerick or song (in English or French) that celebrates blasphemy. Do you have the balls to be blasphemous on stage?

Finally, Matt Barbacki will host a workshop that will complement the theme of the night: how to think better.

Free admission.

There will be pre-show conversations from 17:00 to 18:00, with plenty of food and alcohol at your disposal. Show starts at 18:00 and we’ll go late into the night!

To RSVP through Facebook: search for “Funny You Should Think That!” in the search bar and you’ll find the event.

To RSVP through Meetup: go to http://www.meetup.com/Moutons-No-More/ and scroll down until you find the event.

On Twitter, use #FYSTT.

“Funny You Should Think That!” is best enjoyed surrounded by friends, so spread the word around and make it a group outing!




Le vlog d’Isabelle Stephen


Dans le dernier épisode de son vlog, Isabelle tente de commettre l’apostasie et visite la parade gay!


Cracked Science


Jonathan’s very first public science video will be released later this week. Want to know what DNA does in the body and what those pesky proteins are? Check this space!


Within Reason


With over 3800 listens, Within Reason is already a runaway success despite its young age. On the latest episode, Jonathan sits down with Michael Shermer to talk about beliefs, while Andrew, Matt, and David argue over the possibility of a god… or a quantum oneness… or something.


We hope to see you on September 28th for Funny You Should Think That! Spread the word! An event like this rarely happens in Montreal!

Le vlog d’Isabelle Stephen 2: Apostasie et parade de la fierté gay!

De retour avec son video blog, Isabelle nous parle d’apostasie. Comment est-ce que les ex-Chrétiens peuvent se séparer complètement de l’Église? En commentant un acte horrible appelé l’apostasie, un geste si horrible que Jésus intervient pour jammer le papier dans l’imprimante d’Isabelle.

Isabelle nous amène ensuite à la parade de la fierté gay de Montréal ou elle interview un représentant de CFI Ottawa et se balade autour du char allégorique du Centre for Inquiry.

Le vlog d’Isabelle Stephen 1

Il est finalement arrivé.

Après plusieurs semaines d’anticipation, voici le premier chapitre du video blog (vlog) de notre chère Isabelle Stephen… en français!

Elle parle religion, scepticisme, Jésus aux toilettes et la difficulté de trouver des ouvrages en français sur le sujet (le sujet du scepticisme, pas Jésus aux toilettes… bien que…).

En plus de se dévoiler sur YouTube, elle animera la troisième édition de notre show, Funny You Should Think That!, ce soir à 19:30 au M-Bar! À ne pas manquer! Spectacle en anglais (français! anglais! le prochain en espéranto?)