The Body of Evidence: Your March Digest

Dr. Labos and Jonathan from The Body of Evidence

Dr. Labos and Jonathan from The Body of Evidence

The Body of Evidence looks at common medical misconceptions and aims to untangle the twisted messages around health and medicine. You can check out the website at It is brought to you by Jonathan Jarry and Dr. Christopher Labos.

We have been so busy, I decided to aim for a monthly digest for our Moutons No More page. So, what has The Body of Evidence accomplished in the last month?

  • Three new video blog entries: one on the Medical Medium (angels help him diagnose conditions) and two on Quantum University, the bullshit online “school” created by a Canadian!
  • A new episode of our podcast on brain training software. Also features an interview with a doctoral student in cancer research about why we don’t have a cure for cancer yet, and why Chris and I do what we do;
  • A written piece on bad science journalism: the Ottawa Sun turns an article about fundamental research into Alzheimer disease into an ad for a local sugar shack;
  • A new video on the gauntlet early research findings must go through to make it to the clinic (a video with over 3200 views as of this writing!);
  • Chris’ appearance on CJAD, talking about what (not) to eat;
  • An announcement for our upcoming stage show April 24 at 7PM at the Katacombes!

We’re generating a lot of content that will be of interest to people looking for reliable information on health, science, and scientific thinking, so do subscribe to our website by going to and typing in your email address in the subscription box on the right.

The Body of Evidence: Medicine that tastes funny and science made easy.

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