Petition against religious symbols worn by Canadian cabinet ministers

We were recently contacted by David Rand, who runs a local atheist group called Atheist Freethinkers, about signing a petition. As Moutons No More is a production collective and not a hierarchical organization, it didn’t feel right to sign anything as “Moutons No More”. However, the petition can be signed by individuals. Given the interest that some of our followers have for secularism, I am passing the information along without necessarily endorsing it. I want you, the reader, to decide for yourself whether or not you want to sign it.

Here’s an excerpt from the petition:

“The Rassemblement pour la laïcité considers that the Honourable Harjit Singh Sajjan and The Honourable Navdeep Bains, each wearing a Sikh turban while performing his function as representative of the Canadian state, are, by so doing, favouring one religion in particular and, as a result, are not respecting their duty of religious neutrality as required by the Supreme Court of Canada.”

You can read a blog post by David Rand explaining his position here.

You can sign the petition here.

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