The Body of Evidence Stage Show



Come for the medical information; stay for the laughter! Jonathan Jarry and Dr. Christopher Labos take their bickering-infused science-based medicine podcast to the stage with The Body of Evidence Stage Show! It’s medicine that tastes funny and science made easy.

First, Jonathan Jarry hosts a comedy quiz show on the topic of celebrity health fads! Do you know what Gwyneth Paltrow rubs on her face? Have you heard about Demi Moore’s secret for staying young? None of these claims make scientific sense, so we will skewer them and have some fun! The panelists on the show will be comedians David Pryde, Bianca Yates, Darren Henwood, and permanent panelist Dr. Christopher Labos. Amazingly cool prizes to be won by members of the audience.

Finally, we will go back in time to learn how cancer went from “that thing where cells divide too quickly” to a disease caused by mutations. Chromosomes, grasshoppers, white eyes, and Gerard Butler will feature (it’ll make sense).

Doors open at 19:00. Entrance is 5$, payable inside. The venue is 18+, so no underage science fans!

To learn more about The Body of Evidence, visit http://www.bodyofevidence and find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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