The Body of Evidence: Your January Digest

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The Body of Evidence looks at common medical misconceptions and aims to untangle the twisted messages around health and medicine. You can check out the website at It is brought to you by Jonathan Jarry and Dr. Christopher Labos.

We have been so busy, I decided to aim for a monthly digest for our Moutons No More page. So, what has The Body of Evidence accomplished in the last month?

  • An article in the Montreal Gazette about how, you know, health-wise? We’re doing pretty good as a nation, despite what fearmongers would have you believe;
  • A video on what science tells us constitutes a healthy lifestyle (a video which has received over 700 views so far and was even picked up by Canada’s Minister of Health!);
  • An article in Maclean’s about the safety of antidepressants in younger patients and the importance of open data;
  • A new episode of our podcast, in which we look at the evidence behind “female Viagra” and we talk to an editor of on the quality of health reporting in the media;
  • Another article in Maclean’s (why not?) on the negative health effects of energy drinks;
  • A blog post on “Dr.” Sam Chachoua, Charlie Sheen’s rogue physician, who supposedly found the cure for HIV in the milk of arthritic goats (and it’s all a big conspiracy involving UCLA and attempts on his life).

We’re generating a lot of content that will be of interest to people looking for reliable information on health, science, and scientific thinking, so do subscribe to our website by going to and typing in your email address in the subscription box on the right.

The Body of Evidence: Medicine that tastes funny and science made easy.

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