We Need Your Help!


Given our latest series of mishaps at our current location, we have decided to call upon you to help us find a new venue for Funny You Should Think That!

As you know if you’ve been to the show, we cannot do this in any venue, since we often require many microphones, enough room for 5 people, some type of projection or display behind us, etc.

The show will be going on hiatus until we find a new location, but if you love the show and want to see it continue, we urge you to send us suggestions of appropriate bars, pubs, and cabarets.

Here is what we need:

1) A venue that is accessible. A past poll reveals that the majority want a location that is in or near downtown. It has to be close to a metro station as much as possible. Decent parking is also fairly important.

2) A closed room. While we would love to grab the attention of patrons during the show, our past two experiences in open areas have proven that people who didn’t come for the show can behave like assholes and drown us out. We thus need a closed-off section that can welcome at least 50 people.

3) A large stage. Some pubs have a tiny stage made for one comedian. Since we often have panel discussions and debates (and sometimes dance numbers), we need to be able to fit 5 people side by side comfortably.

4) A weekend time slot. Since one of us works nights during the week, we can only do the show on weekends. This means a Saturday or Sunday night slot, although we could always do a late afternoon show as well, and move to another place for discussion afterwards.

5) Alcohol and food. While these are not essential, we feel that a pub-type atmosphere is more conducive to the casual nature of the show.

6) A display on stage. We often use slides or show videos and thus need either a large-screen TV near the stage or a screen with a projector.

7) A free ride. Finally, given the importance of paying our talent and how little money we collect at every show, we cannot afford to pay a 200$ rental fee on the room. We have been lucky in the past to get the room for free. We could even pay a small fee if necessary, but we cannot rent a room at full price and essentially pay the salary of the wait staff and the kitchen staff while we’re there.

Funny You Should Think That! is a labour of love and a much-needed show in this city. There is so much irrationality that needs to be addressed, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

If you know of a venue that fits these criteria, get in touch with us. If you want to start investigating, we would be eternally grateful.

FYSTT is on hold for now but we will keep you informed.

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