The Reproducers: Heroes of Science

The headlines might have been grim–Gizmodo’s read “A Lot of Published Psychology Results are Bullshit”–but I want to see these lemons for the lemonade that they are.

This impressive achievement is signed “Open Science Collaboration”, which reminded me of that other famous letter signed “The Breakfast Club”. This time around, they’re all “brains”. Their website describes this Collaboration as “a loose network of researchers, professionals, citizen scientists, and others with an interest in open science, metascience, and good scientific practices.” This fantastic initiative is supported by the Center for Open Science which aims to “foster the openness, integrity, and reproducibility of scientific research”, which may sound like a given in science, but it really, really isn’t.

Biases are rampant in scientific research: scientists tend to select the best experiments (“best of three… no, best of four! Best of five?”) and only publish positive results. Moreover, scientists are human. It is easy to be lured by prestige, power, and money, even in academia, and to nudge your research away from the truth and down the path that will lead to assured glory. So how are you, citizen, to know which scientific result is worth heralding and which is worth ignoring?

The answer, and the rest of this article, on the website of our fabulous production: The Body of Evidence.

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