Chewpods: Insufficient Evidence Swallowed Whole

Thumbnail - Chewpods

At first, I thought they may be earphones. The bold, round font and the use of the word “pod” conjured up images of Apple products and Dr. Dre; then again, the market for chewable earphones is probably quite small.

If you’ve been out and about in Montreal in the past weeks, you might have noticed the ads. The product is called “Chewpod” and the posters follow the contemporary trend of teasing without revealing. The ad models’ faces are frozen in a sour grimace. Why are they chewing? To reach their peak, according to the tagline. What piqued my interest was the Canadian flag on the packaging above the phrase “Natural Health Product”.

Great. Here we go again.

Dr. Christopher Labos and I have done a whole episode on natural health products. These mystery remedies are poorly regulated, require very little evidence for approval by health authorities, and often make claims backed only by the argument from antiquity: people have been using them for millennia, so they must work. This nonchalant attitude comes with a price. A significant proportion of natural health products available to Canadians don’t contain what the label says and are contaminated with undeclared substances.

Their appeal is based on the naturalistic fallacy. It is difficult to ignore the siren call of the cure-all herb produced with care by Mother Nature (who knows best) and free of these side effects so often tied to commercial drugs.

Knowing what I know of natural health products, I can’t guarantee what’s inside a Chewpod. I have to rely on the product website and hope the manufacturer has integrity and good manufacturing practices, as they claim.

What are Chewpods?

You can read the rest here.

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