Read: Does Being Short Mean a Higher Risk for Bad Heart Juju?

Cracked Science

Short people are at a higher risk for adverse cardiac events. Tall people are at a higher risk for heart attacks. Short people live longer. Tall people live longer.

Which is it?

A new study came out (in the much revered New England Journal of Medicine) apparently showing that short people are at an increased risk for heart disease.

Is there any weight behind this claim?

An article in the Montreal Gazette blows away the fog on the association between height and health:

“I wish I were taller. Tall people are more likely to get hired, get promoted and are paid better than their shorter counterparts. They can reach things from the top shelf without difficulty, have unobstructed views at theatres, and are consistently rated as more attractive by others. Overall, seems like a sweet deal.

“Then this study comes along in the New England Journal of Medicineshowing…

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