The Body of Evidence: Podcast and Radio Guest Appearance

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Those of you who came to Funny You Should Think That! 10 last Saturday in the Old Port of Montreal were the first to witness the birth of a new Moutons No More production: a podcast called The Body of Evidence.

Dr. Christopher Labos, who was my guest on episode 204 of Within Reasonand I have joined forces on an all-new, monthly podcast that will demystify medical misconceptions for the public. As part of Moutons No More’s mandate to provide evidence-based entertainment, the podcast will be teeming with artistic talent. Every episode will begin with a stand-up comedian going out into the city and asking people the question of the month. The evidence behind the topic will be addressed by Dr. Christopher Labos and myself, through a dense cloud of bickering, bantering, and wittering; don’t worry if you can’t remember the bottom line, because we’ll repeat it at the end of every episode, and special contributor Joseph Hackl of Voodoo Jazz will make sure it stays in your head.

It’s short, it’s sweet, informative and entertaining: it’s medicine that tastes funny.

The first episode is already available at It’ll be on iTunes by the end of the week, and we are looking into getting it on Android (how ever that works. Help, anyone?). We encourage you to subscribe to make sure you receive the latest episode as soon as it’s released.

EXTRA BIT OF GOOD NEWS: Dr. Labos and I will be the guests of Toula Drimonis on CJAD radio in Montreal this Tuesday, March 31, from 9:00 to 9:30PM, to talk about The Body of Evidence and natural health products. Toula swears by oil of oregano, so sparks are sure to fly (but she loved the show, so I’m sure all will end well). You can tune in using your hand-cranked radio or by listening to the live stream at

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