Funny You Should Think That! 9

NDT Hands

The show’s back on Saturday, February 21!

A show of comedy, reason, and alcohol. FUNNY YOU SHOULD THINK THAT! is a monthly event (intelligently) designed to make you laugh and think. Moutons No More takes to the stage with amazing guests to talk pseudoscience, lambast religion, and get you to think more critically. It’s like the Rolls Royce of Skeptics in the Pub and just what Montreal need. Come for the show; stay for the conversation.

This month, Guy helps us celebrate Black History Month with a much-needed dose of science and rationality. Who is Black and awesome? Well, a lot of people, frankly, but especially Neil deGrasse Tyson. We will screen episode 2 of the new Cosmos, “Some of the Things That Molecules Do”, on evolution and extinctions. This will be followed by a discussion about racism, genetics, and humanity’s journey out of Africa. But before we get too academic, we’ll shower you with laughter with a special comedian guest star. To fit all this into an hour and a half, we’ll need some mighty time dilation! Neil? We need help!

We have now moved to Saturday nights, to give you more time to hang out way into the night. Plus, the show starts AN HOUR LATER:

6:00 – 7:00: Come and order food and drinks, relax, talk with us, while something skeptical, rational, and entertaining plays on the stage television.

7:00 – 8:30: Moutons No More entertains you like no others with its show.

8:30 – midnight: Stick around as long as you want and talk! FYSTT is more than a show: it’s also a place to come and talk to other like-minded and on the cusp-of-being-like-minded individuals.

Pay what you can. We always ask for donations to help us keep this the best skeptical show in town.

To RSVP through Facebook: search for “Funny You Should Think That!” in the search bar and you’ll find the event.

To RSVP through Meetup: go to and scroll down until you find the event.

On Twitter, use #FYSTT.

“Funny You Should Think That!” is best enjoyed surrounded by friends, so spread the word around and make it a group outing!

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