Within Reason Episode 206 – (Bad) Science

Within Reason Season 2 Logo 600

Jonathan Jarry hosts another edition of Within Reason, the podcast that looks at contentious issues from a rational perspective.

This month, is scientific research inefficient or have we grossly oversimplified the situation? We begin with a mad comedic dash through the life of a young scientist to the sound of Italian music and then meet an actual Italian scientist! Dr. Fanelli and Dr. Kimmelman unearth the nuances behind falsification, idealization, animal studies, and reproducibility. As science goes meta, what can we do to be better scientists? If these discussions are too cerebral for you, there’s Christopher Hammock and Kishanda Vyboh to make you laugh. Are they cynical? No…. Sarcastic? Yes! We talk C.S.I., PCR, pedestals, and sharks! By the time you’re done listening to this episode, you will realize that scientists are human beings.

Also available on iTunes. Make sure to subscribe to get the latest episode when it’s released!


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