Café Hitchens: Bring Your Arguments, Not Your Fallacies

Cafe Hitchens Logo 300

Moutons No More is proud to announce a new monthly event to add to its line-up, which currently consists of our Funny You Should Think That! stage show.

Café Hitchens will be a discussion group aimed at debating contentious issues… with both sides showing up to make their points heard. Religion, abortion, the death penalty, lying, morality: prepare to debate intelligently and respectfully on these issues and others. Our very own Andrew Cody will be moderating the discussions and pointing out logical fallacies left and right. This recurring café will not be a hang-out for like-minded people; be prepared to confront the beliefs and arguments of believers, atheists, pro-lifers, lefties, Conservatives, and anything in between.

To find out when Café Hitchens will be taking place, you can check this space, or “Like” Moutons No More on Facebook, or join our group on

The illustration of Christopher Hitchens is used with permission from its amazing artist, Yuliya Kashapova.

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