Within Reason Episode 205 – Funny You Should Think That!

It’s a ho-ho-holiday special, bringing you audio from our November 16 stage show, Funny You Should Think That! Stuck with annoying relatives with no idea how to entertain them? Start playing this show and, soon, you’ll be rolling on the floor, clutching your stomachs! (or maybe it’ll be because of the bad cranberry sauce) Jonathan hosts a comedy quiz show on stage with comedian panelists David Pryde, Chris Sandiford, and Darren Henwood and fellow Moutons No More producer and funny guy Andrew Cody. Water beds! Chakra Khan! Muted confirmations! Good Macaulay Culkin references! Russell Crowe as Javert! Poor Scottish upbringings! It’s all there… and more! To come to our next show, visit http://www.MoutonsNoMore.com and click “follow independently”. Happy New Year, listeners!


Also on iTunes.

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