Homeopathy Awareness Day: Post-Mortem

Cracked Science

Homeopathy is the low-hanging fruit from the perennial tree of irrationality.

This year, in order to draw awareness to its ludicrous claims, I published an article in the Prince Arthur Herald and a video on this site. The response was predictable.

While the content received plenty of positive feedback and dissemination, a couple of proponents of homeopathy perked up because of the “#homeopathy” on Twitter and a war of words began.

Laurie J. Willberg is a scuba diving instructor from Toronto who is studying homeopathy after having been turned away from “con medicine” (isn’t that cute) when a loved one died following the application of veterinary medicine. Christine Jahnig suffered from horrible insomnia following a car accident until homeopathy cured her of her condition. Both of them engaged me in a game of “I know you are but what am I?” on Twitter.

A fellow skeptic threw his…

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