Within Reason Episode 202 – Eric Weichel on Postmodern Art

Is a long cardboard chain and anchor really a deep message on immigration? What is the difference between artificial pussy willows and an escalator? Are postmodern artists just having a laugh? Jonathan drags Andrew Cody through last March’s Nuit blanche and wonders if his attitude of derision is rational or not. Enter Eric Weichel, instructor in art history at Concordia University, and one of the liveliest conversations on the podcast ensues. Can we evaluate art rationally? Jonathan and Eric talk gnomes, Cormac McCarthy, and four-year-old geniuses.

You can stream or download the episode on PodBean at the following link: http://withinreason.podbean.com.

You can also listen on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/within-reason/id754587884

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