A Cure for AIDS that Big Pharma Doesn’t Want! Sounds Familiar?

Cracked Science

I was sent a link to the following story by someone who wanted my opinion on it. The article is in French but I will highlight its claims.

“Son remède contre le sida, les labos n’en veulent pas”

Translation: “Labs don’t want his AIDS remedy.”

This is yet another David-versus-Goliath “news” report on a maverick humanitarian who just happens to have stumbled upon a cure for a debilitating or fatal disease that just so happens to be dirt cheap, and so Big Pharma does not even return his calls because it can’t make trillions of dollars selling his cure. Let the people die from their sickness! It’s not like pharmaceutical company employees have families and friends of their own who may also be sick; rather every pharma employee in the world is a soulless, corporate drone addicted to money.

This particular article tells the story of a Robert Vachy, a hardcore…

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