Cracked Science Video 1: Dogma

Cracked Science

It has begun.

I am starting a series of public science videos in which I will be explaining scientific concepts, criticizing bad science, and debunking pseudoscience. You can think of it as a video version of this blog.

Before you watch the first video, a few caveats born of my self-awareness and perfectionism:

1. I can only get better. I remember recording my first interview for my podcast, Within Reason. Stiff does not begin to describe it. I have, I believe, improved since then. The same goes for the videos. I am hoping to inject more humour in them as I go along.

2. Analogies are imperfect. Some scientists prefer to think of DNA more as a recipe than a blueprint. I believe both analogies have their uses and their limitations. An analogy is just that: a simplified comparison that works in some respects but fails in others. I hope…

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