Searching for a Home (at the End of the Rainbow)

As you probably know by now, we have a stage show called FUNNY YOU SHOULD THINK THAT! which has been held at M Bar since its inception. Unfortunately, M Bar has decided to reshuffle its schedule for the fall, which means that we find ourselves without a home.

We need to find a new venue for our show within the next two weeks so we can bring you the exciting mixture of critical thinking and comedy you’ve come to expect by the end of September. We are reaching out to you: do you know a venue that would be suitable for our shows? Here is what we are looking for:

– A place with a large enough stage to accommodate 5 people;

– A stage that has an audio console and speakers, as well as either a projector or a flat-screen TV near the stage;

– Alcohol;

– Willing to host either French- or English-language shows;

– Easily accessible by public transport;

– Willing to give us the stage on a Sunday night or, if possible, a Saturday night.

In return, we promise to bring at least 40 people who will have a blast and will eat and drink enough to warrant having us back.

If you know of such a place in Montreal, let us know!

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