Read: The Food Babe’s Friends… and Critics

Cracked Science

If you listen to my podcast, Within Reason, you know my thoughts on Vani Hari’s crusade against ingredients whose  names she can’t pronounce. On her blog,, she regularly commits logical fallacies in her attempt to “educate” the public on what constitutes healthy food.

Kathleen Purvis of the Charlotte Observer recently wrote a fairly lengthy article addressing the Food Babe phenomenon. Its author gets quotes from people on both sides of the debate, which might strike one as a fallacious “equal balance” approach but which I found nonethless interesting. Our very own Dr. Joe Schwarcz is among the Food Babe critics who get to express their opinion:

“”Whatever the story is with azodicarbonamide has nothing to do with whether it’s a yoga mat chemical,’ Schwarcz says. ‘This is absurdity, to say if something is used in one context, it can’t be used in food.

‘We use water to wash our cars…

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