Moutons No More… at Fantasia!

As you may know, the Fantasia film festival is a now-world-famous genre cinema event happening every summer in Montreal. Last year, it held the Canadian premiere of Edgar Wright’s The World’s End starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. It has also been the place to watch the Canadian premiere of Kevin Smith’s Red State and the North American premiere of Quentin Tarentino’s Inglourious Basterds.

Our very own Isabelle Stephen has been one of the official Fantasia photographers for a little while now. In exchange, the festival gives her a full-page ad in their programme with which to advertise her services.

This year, she decided to donate the space to one of her projects.

MNM Fantasia 2014 Poster_300dpi


Moutons No More is proud to be featured in the 2014 Fantasia programme. We hope to grab the attention of even more people who’ll be interested in becoming better critical thinkers.

If you require evidence before you believe, you can pick up a copy of the programme or download the PDF version of it by clicking here. Our ad is just before the middle.


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