A look back at FYSTT

Hello, everyone,

First of all, on behalf of my fellow MNMs, I wanted to say a big hearty “thank you” to all of you who proved that there is an audience for the sort of groundbreaking, rationality-driven show that we started a mere three months ago. It is all too easy to become cynical and think nobody cares about thinking clearly; you proved these people wrong.

We always aim to better ourselves and present an even stronger show, so we thank you for the feedback you gave us. It was overwhelmingly positive; some suggestions for making it even better were duly noted.

As you know, we will be taking a break for the rest of the summer but will be back with another instalment of Funny You Should Think That! in September.

Un message tout spécial aux francophones: merci de votre soutien et soyez patients. Nous avons accompli énormément en l’espace de quelques mois: nous avons créé une équipe de production de toute pièce, un logo, une page Facebook, un site Web, nous avons généré beaucoup de publicité, avons établi des liens avec plusieurs comédiens et avons monté un spectacle tout nouveau et très dur à “vendre”. Le contenu français commence à se dévoiler. Isabelle a entamé un vlog entièrement en français; les vidéos de mes conférences à McGill sur la pensée critique sont disponibles avec sous-titres français; et nous planifions au moins un spectacle en français à l’automne. Il faut seulement nous laisser un peu de temps, car nous avons tous des occupations à temps plein et faisons de notre mieux. C’est quand même pas mal comparé aux organisations de sceptiques et d’athées de Montréal qui ont rarement (si ce n’est jamais) osé franchir la barrière linguistique.

To tide you over during the summer, enjoy our on-going digital productions, all available athttp://www.MoutonsNoMore.com:


Le vlog d’Isabelle Stephen

Le journal (intime?) vidéo d’Isabelle Stephen qui entreprend d’expliquer l’inexplicable. En français!

Guy Renaud’s Vlog

Guy Renaud’s grounded take on atheism and on how difficult it is for black people to let go of religion is just getting started. You can already watch his first video in which he describes the difficulties he experienced deconverting and the difference the Internet made in his life.

CRTKL: The Critical Reasoning Tool Kit Lecture

If you missed Jonathan Jarry’s talk for the McGill Freethought Association, you can watch short clips on YouTube. In them, Jonathan talks about the inherent difficulties of critical thinking, the erroneous arguments put forth by homeopaths to justify their claims, and why “there’s mercury in vaccines” is a fallacious argument.


Cracked Science: Demystifying science and pseudoscience for the public

Jonathan Jarry’s public science blog brings you science education, science criticism, and the debunking of pseudoscience. What is the “Science” behind Christian Science? How did different logical approaches lead two men to come up with the theory of evolution? Can two brown-eyed parents give birth to a blue-eyed baby boy? The answers to all these questions and more at CrackedScience.com!


Within Reason: A monthly podcast on contentious issues from a rational perspective

The time has come to blow away the comforting fog which surrounds contentious issues of all ilks, and Canadian skeptics Jonathan Jarry and Andrew Cody are bringing a monthly bundle of reason to your ears: Within Reason, the podcast which takes a rational look at controversial issues.

In season 1 of the podcast, learn about evolution from Sarah Bean and Dr. Eugenie Scott; listen as two atheists and a Christian theologian agree on the proposed Charter of Quebec values; be amazed at how simple (and difficult) losing weight can be when we look at the evidence; find out about the spectrum of gender identity from a pediatrician who routinely sees children with gender dysphoria… and from a trans man himself; learn how to be less wrong and more rational; and delight in learning from Dr. Joe Schwarcz himself that a chemical is not necessarily a poison.

These conversations are followed by an off-the-cuff, sometimes hard-hitting, often times chuckle-inducing commentary with freethinker Andrew Cody. Just because they try to be reasonable doesn’t mean they have to be dead serious.

Within Reason. Goodbye, fantasy; hello, reality.



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