Welcome to MoutonsNoMore.com!

Welcome to Moutons No More’s brand-new website!

We are a production team in Montreal dedicated to crafting material on critical thinking that is fun and entertaining. You may already know us through Facebook or Meetup. You may have come to our shows. Or you may be discovering us just now. Either way, this website will serve as a one-stop shop for all Moutons No More content.

The site is essentially a blog. Each production gets its own category, which can be accessed at the top. Each producer is assigned a keyword, so you may search this blog for someone’s name and see all content relevant to him or her. We sometimes write stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere and goes under “Random Bleats”. And you can filter out content in French, English, or just the videos.

Funny You Should Think That!: our unique live show that combines reason and comedy (with a healthy dose of alcohol). We’ll post under this Category when a new show is in the works, to publish this month’s poster and also pictures and videos from the last show. As always, you can RSVP on Facebook or Meetup.com.

Cracked Science: a public science blog run by Jonathan Jarry since September 2013. All of the material posted on CrackedScience.com is now being reblogged here, so you can get your dose of science here as well.

Within Reason: a podcast that looks at contentious issues from a rational perspective. Currently on hiatus for the summer until its return in September for season 2, whenever a new episode comes out, you’ll hear about it here.

Guy Renaud’s Vlog: the video diary of our very own Guy Renaud, who likes to talk about his journey from Christianity to atheism.

Isabelle Stephen’s Vlog: is just about ready to start. May be renamed very soon!

On espère aussi publier du contenu en français dans les mois qui viennent pour notre public francophone!

We invite you to “follow us” by clicking on the link on the right in order to receive emails whenever we post new content.

Moutons No More. Evidence-based Entertainment.


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