What Is Cracked Science?

Cracked Science

Neoplasm. Gefitinib. Mesothelioma.

Today’s hospitals can be scary places. Hearing doctors talk amongst themselves can make one wonder if a whole new alien language is being taught in med school. To a degree, there is: the language of science, with which most people are forced to flirt in elementary and high school, only to leave it behind after graduation, like an unusable, unpronounceable foreign tongue. Which is a shame, really, because this lingo is probably the most useful and informative “second language” one can learn. Unfortunately, this realization often comes when one is burdened with the news of a disease, such as cancer.

Modern medicine can be understood by the public. The problem lies in translation. Physicians in our public health care system—this writing is coming to you from the world’s second largest country in total area—are often too busy to properly explain conditions and treatments to their patients. Some…

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