The Ugly Side of Winning: Creationism Stays Afloat

Cracked Science

I recently wrote about the Bill Nye versus Ken Ham debate over the scientific worthiness of creationism in the context of Darwin Day. It was my opinion that Bill Nye’s attitude in the face of Ken Ham’s unscientific arguments was just right and that Ham’s fragile house of cards completely collapsed by the end of the debate to expose the logical corruption at its core: that Ham believes the Bible first and any evidence that contradicts it must be thrown out to preserve this belief.

I constantly question myself over the utility of debates. While they generally do not change the opinions of the debaters, they can act as a platform for public education so that viewers on the fence about a particular issue come out better informed. On the other hand–and especially in situations where one debater has science on their side and the other, lunacy–engaging in a highly…

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