The Transparent Garbage Bag of Science or How Shaming Could Enact Change

Cracked Science

I was going to write about how World-War-II-era soldiers that went missing in action can be identified today using DNA technology. Since I am waiting on a bit of fact checking to come through, and since an interesting article landed in my mailbox today, I thought I’d take the opportunity to fill the void with musings on transparent garbage bags.

Are they cheaper than opaque ones? I never noticed. It may be a “nurture” thing. My family always used opaque garbage bags so I naturally gravitate toward those to this day. I often see transparent ones on the curb and find them somewhat revolting. You can see everything, can’t you? And it ain’t pretty.

It has been a little over two years since a group at Bayer published a scientific paper in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery about the lack of reproducibility of potential drug target research and halted nearly two-thirds…

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