The Time Machine: Definitions, Dominance, Darwinism, and Eye-Related Drivel

Cracked Science

The next month promises to be fairly intense: I am giving a talk very soon, Moutons No More is planning its first live event in Montreal, and I am preparing a first for the blog.

If you are bored in April and want to nourish your mind, might I recommend the following?

– What’s the difference between a disease and an illness, or is there any? And what’s a syndrome? Clarify your thoughts by reading “Disordered Diseases of Ill Infections: Demystifying Medical Definitions”.

– Genetics is much more complex than “my mommy had it, therefore she gave it to me”. Read about penetrance, dominance and sex linkage (oh my!) without having to visit a sex shop! The article is called “Inheriting Is a Complex Business: Penetrance, Dominance, and Sex Linkage”.

– Who’s actually doing science and who’s merely pretending to? Check out my tribute to Darwin Day entitled

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