Seeing Without Glasses or How Nonsense Looks Credible from a Distance

Cracked Science

My boss sits me down in this comfortable optometrist chair and asks me to remove my glasses and find the lowest line I can read on the eye chart.

He then hands me a pair of pinhole glasses and asks me to repeat the exercise.

Lo and behold, I can read smaller print.

A certified low vision therapist knows what this means; a “medical intuitive”, not so much.

The book is called Seeing Without Glasses: A Step-by-Step Approach to Improving Eyesight Naturally. It was written by “Roberto Kaplan, O.D., M.Ed.”, a smiling, middle-aged man with blue hair who is, according to the back cover, “an internationally acknowledged scientist” (but what does it mean to be internationally acknowledged as a scientist?), “a medical intuitive” (and, here, the pseudoscience bell starts ringing in my ear like deafening tinnitus), “a photographic artist, and a former optometrist who is at the leading edge…

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