“Quantum” of Solace: Quakery’s Tell

Cracked Science

Many of you who are starting to become aware of this “shadow-world” of pseudoscience and alternative medicine quackery may be wondering how John Q. Public and Jane Q. Taxpayer can indeed separate the wheat from the chaff.

Reading about real science and medicine from credible sources (science or healthcare professionals and avowed skeptics like Steven Novella, Joe Schwarcz, and Stephen Barrett) is certainly the best long-term investment you can make in educating yourself, but quackery occasionally throws a bone even to the ill-informed. By feverishly trying to pass as science, like a parasitic worm inside a person’s gut, pseudoscience tends to appropriate the latest lingo that scientists develop. One of the scientific words often held hostage by peddlers of nonsense is “quantum”.

Indeed, if one is worried about the volume of his ejaculate and the length of his orgasm, there is a miracle solution: Quantum Pills. They…

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