No Tolerance for Conversion

Cracked Science

So, I’ve been experiencing gay thoughts for the past few months, but I’ve heard of this thing called “conversion therapy”. Does it really work? Can they make me straight again?

“Conversion therapy”, also known as “reparative therapy”, does not work and is certainly not science. In fact, the American Psychiatric Association condemns treatments of the sort.

Aren’t those the same guys who list “homosexuality” as a psychiatric disorder?

They came to their senses. In 1952, they published the first edition of the DSM, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, in which homosexuality was indeed listed as a disorder. By the time the seventh printing of the second edition came out in 1974, homosexuality was no longer listed as a disease. Why the change of heart? Gay rights activists protested loudly and clearly but, perhaps more importantly from a scientific perspective, research started to show that homosexual men were…

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