Need Rescuing from Wishful Thinking? Try the Within Reason Podcast on for Size

Cracked Science

(A little bit of cross-promotion. If you like my writing, you may also enjoy my voice)

MONTREAL, Canada – November 18, 2013 – We all know that ghosts are real, homeopathy works, and the Judeo-Christian god created the whole universe in six days and rested on the seventh despite his omnipotence. Why do we know these claims are true? Because we wish them to be and, therefore, they become true. And because we stand to lose a lot—our convictions, our confidence, our community—by questioning them. Enough.

The time has come to blow away the comforting fog which surrounds contentious issues of all ilks, and Canadian skeptics Jonathan Jarry and Andrew Cody are bringing a monthly bundle of reason to your ears: Within Reason, the podcast which takes a rational look at controversial issues.

Why do so few North Americans accept the theory of biological evolution? Is there any truth…

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