Interview with Dr. Joe Schwarcz on Within Reason

Cracked Science

Readers of this blog probably know that I also have a monthly podcast entitled Within Reason, which explores contentious issues from a rational perspective. While the topics are not always science-related, our latest episode features Dr. Joe Schwarcz, director of the Office for Science and Society at McGill University, on the subject of chemophobia.

We talked about the chemical composition of apples, the Food Babe’s irrational war against azodicarbonamide, dreaded BPA, cancer cures, homeopathy, and the future of education.

I invite you to either stream the podcast on the Within Reason website or to look for it on the iTunes store (entirely free) and subscribe to it!

The podcast follows in the wake of the release of Dr. Schwarcz’s latest book, Is That a Fact?, my review of which can be found here.

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