Homeopathy or How to Turn Disbelief into Absurdity

Cracked Science

For many people, homeopathy is an alternative to medicine that uses natural products to cure common illnesses. This is not unlike the public’s perception of Scientology before the 1990s. People who had heard of Scientology (and even most who were part of it) thought it was merely a system to help you get rid of your stress and unwanted emotions. Then the lid blew and it all came spewing out: Galactic confederacies, tyrannical aliens, genocide by volcano, extraterrestrial possessions. The difference with homeopathy is that the truth about its belief system is out there for anyone to find, but most people don’t pay too much attention to what it really is and simplify it to just “herbal remedies”.

Homeopathy is not about natural products. It is a system built on antiquated beliefs that fly in the face of science and common sense. Let’s list its claims first:

1. Like cures…

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