Darwin Day: What It Means to Be a Scientist

Cracked Science

Bill Nye used mathematics to disprove creationism.

It was only one tool in a rather large box, a box that might as well be bigger on the inside. The bow-tied man did a rapid calculation to help show the incredulity that should follow the claim that evolution is wrong and that the Bible got it right the first time around.

Unless you’ve been living under a radioactively-dateable rock, you are aware that Bill Nye, the Science Guy, debated Ken Ham, the CEO of Answers in Genesis, on February 4th. The question: is creationism a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era.

Ken Ham claims the Great Flood of the Bible occurred 4,000 years ago. This cataclysm is said to have drowned every living thing on Earth except for the 7,000 “kinds” Noah saved on his ark (“kinds” not being dissimilar to taxonomic “families”). How did…

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