CRTKL: The Critical Reasoning Tool Kit Lecture (McGill, April 9, *ROOM CHANGE*)

Cracked Science

CRTKL Poster

I have been graciously invited by the brand-spankin’-new Freethought Association at McGill to give a talk in the evening of April 9 on critical thinking skills. Why me? I used to head the Montreal chapter of the Centre for Inquiry; I have a background in biochemistry, molecular biology, and human genetics; and as one of the founders of the production collective Moutons No More, I regularly blog on public science topics at and host the podcast Within Reason which looks at contentious issues from a rational perspective.

The one-hour talk I will be giving on the 9th is entitled “CRTKL: The Critical Reasoning Tool Kit Lecture”. We should all endeavour to be better critical thinkers… or should we? What are the benefits of critical thinking? Why is critical thinking so hard? And what tools do we need to become better at it? My objective is not to…

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