Breaking Down Lactose Intolerance

Cracked Science

Whenever I drink milk, I get really gassy for no reason. I don’t understand: I’ve been drinking milk since I was a baby and it never bothered me before. Could it be that GMO thing I keep hearing about?

No. It most probably has nothing to do with genetically-modified organisms but rather with lactose intolerance.

What’s lactose?

Cow milk is not some miracle substance worthy of a special spot in the periodic table of elements. It is a mixture of proteins, fat, sugars, salts, vitamins, and minerals in water. Lactose is one sugar found in milk. At the molecular level, lactose is composed of two simple sugars bound together: glucose and galactose.

Oh, I see. So what’s lactose intolerance?

In order to absorb lactose into your bloodstream, the chemical bond between glucose and galactose needs to be severed. This surgical cut is made by an enzyme called lactase. When you…

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