Book Review: Is That a Fact? by Dr. Joe Schwarcz

Cracked Science

Three words fly in my head in a tight formation, constantly looping back to my consciousness as I watch the video: “such a shame.”

The video is one of the many amateurish agglomerations of stills and monotonous voice-over narration that seem to populate the skeptical trenches of YouTube. My friend Andrew, whom fans of our podcast will recognize as an undeterred consumer of skeptical content, is absorbing its facts. For me, though, what takes over is a feeling of disappointment at what could have been. Such great content, such unskilled presentation. Such a shame.

Presentation and pedagogy make the medicine go down so much easier. I excelled at organic chemistry in university in large part because of the teaching talent of my professors; I know a few college graduates who came to hate carbon-based chemistry because of the lack of talent of theirs. Knowledgeable university professors are not necessarily (and…

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